Achievement+ Perspective+ Perseverance




"The WSA Patch"

The Story Behind The WSA Patch

          Since 1995 hundreds of players have proudly adorned their WSA kits with the WSA patch worn over their left chest area of both their home and away jersey.  The patch may also be seen on bags, warm-ups, team flags and occasionally decorating cars and offices.  One of the only clubs in Oklahoma to identify themselves with a patch, WSA can claim uniqueness in that regard.  So what is the “story behind the patch”?

            In 1992 the WSA Soccer Club was formed and aside from the club’s name, the only identifying features of the club were the navy blue Umbro uniforms.  In 1995 the
WSA 80 boys team had worn out their old Umbro unis and decided to purchase a new kit and to identify their team’s name somewhere on the jersey.   To identify their team as “WSA” the squad was left with the choice of a large screen print of “WSA” across the chest or a patch.  Realizing most other Tulsa clubs used the screen print idea the team opted for the patch.  The rest of the WSA club followed and the patch was born.
            The patch design was developed at the kitchen table of current WSA Coaching Director, Roger Bush, where several of his WSA 80 boy’s team members (and his sister) met to discuss what they thought their club and team should represent.  After some brainstorming the group realized many of the ideals and principles they believed their club stood for, were similar to Christian principles and values.  Thus, the idea of the cross was born. However, the group agreed that it did not want to bear the Christian cross on their uniforms on the field of play.  So the cross came to represent the merging of the club’s four main principles:  DISCIPLINESPORTSMANSHIP,UNITY, and LOYALTY
            While WSA’s primary home and away colors were Navy and White the color gold (or yellow) was chosen to represent how important those ideals were to the WSA philosophy and tradition.  That they would “shine brightly” and be “reflected” in every WSA endeavor was an important part of the choice of colors. 
            The patch color was chosen as red and became WSA’s secondary color. That the patch is oft worn over the left chest area, and that the patch’s color is red, were both meant to demonstrate the importance of the heart of the WSA player.  Family is a huge part of the WSA Club concept, and the “blood” color of the patch is meant to remind us of the importance of the family, the community, the tradition we are a part of.  The heart is meant to be each player’s most important weapon he or she takes onto the field.  The patch, resting near the heart, is a constant reminder of that during competition. 
            The rest of the design of the badge, the shape and lettering, is similar to the 1994 Brazilian national team’s badge. The patch bears the club’s complete name: West Side Alliance, at the top.  The cross bears the club’s more common namesake: WSA.  The writing around the patch says, “Eastern Oklahoma Soccer” and the date of the club’s inception,“Est. 1992”.  This qualifies WSA as being the “western” club representative of “eastern” Oklahoma soccer.
            The blue line separating the top and bottom part of the patch represent the river on whose banks WSA's home match and training grounds were founded.  The three peaks at the top of the patch represent the three main goals of the WSA program:
a)      Perseverance -- Player Development 
b)      Achievement --  To always strive for Excellence
c)      Perspective --  To win with Humility and face defeat with Dignity
Words are not capable of characterizing all the patch represents.   It stands for every battle waged by WSA in the club’s history.  It stands for every lesson learned, and every lesson taught.   WSA teams are notorious for overachieving, and for their “blue collar” like work ethic.  The patch is a symbol of all the blood, sweat, and tears of the all the players who have played for the club.  The patch is a symbol of tradition, brotherhood and sisterhood that the WSA club is proud of.  It is a badge of courage, a badge of honor, and a badge of character. 

Wear your patch proudly.  And know that year’s from now, some young boy, or young girl, will also bear the emblem and will strive to represent the club by the same ideals, principles, and values you cherished as a player.