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Executive Director

T2 a                                 Roger Bush  - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                 a

PH: (918) 629 4476


  • Executive Director, West Side Alliance SC 1995-present
  • Oral Roberts University Women’s Soccer Head Coach 2013-2021
    • 2013 Winningest Record in program history (15-4-1)
    • 2013 Highest National RPI in program history (#51)
    • 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 Conference Runner-Up (2nd best 5-year mark in program history, other mark was 1999-2004 when team played in Mid-Con)
    • 2015 Highest finish in program history in Summit League (runner-up, previous best 5th place in 2010). 20 
    • 2016 Conference Finalist (tourney * best tourney Summit League tourney finish program history)
    • 2019 Conference 3rd Place & Conference Semis (lost 1-0 at SDSU to SDSU, eventual Champion) 
    • 4 of first 7 years (prior to Covid season) team was Conf Runner-Up, losing 5 times to eventual champion in tourney, twice in pens, prior to 2013 program had not finished above 5th in Conference play since 2004
    • In first 4 years (2013-16) Players have achieved, 3 First Team All-Region Players; 4 Conference Players of the Year; 3 Academic All-Americans; numerous All Academic Team & All Conference Team Selections
  • Oral Roberts University Women's Soccer Asst. Coach 2007-2012
  • Head Women’s Coach Charles Page H.S. 1998-2004
    • District Coach of the Year 2003; State Play-Offs 2003; Ranked Oklahoma Top-10 2004
  • Head Men’s Coach CPHS 2000-2002
  • Oklahoma Soccer Coach of the Year 2001
  • Hundreds of former players playing or played collegiate soccer around the country 
  • State Finalist Teams:  WSA 83 boys, WSA 84 boys, WSA 85 boys, WSA 90 girls, WSA 89 girls, WSA 94 Boys 
  • State Champions WSA 90 girls, WSA 92 girls, WSA 93 girls, WSA 93 boys Red
  • State Semifinalist WSA 80 boys, WSA 81 girls, WSA 86 boys, WSA 87 boys
  • Head Coach of 10 Different WSA Teams who achieved National Ranking in top-50


  • Played for University of Tulsa under Coach Randy Waldrum
    • Team Inducted into TU Hall of Fame Class of 2011 (first ballot eligible)
    • T.U. NCAA Tournament Qualifier, 1991
    • Nationally Ranked, 1991
    • Missouri Valley Conference Champs, League & Tournament, 1991
    • Coach Waldrum coached at Notre Dame winning multiple National Championships & in 2014 Joined Houston Dash Women's Pro Team
  • Oklahoma Olympic Development Team 1988-1991
  • Oklahoma All-Stater, All-Conference, All-District
  • Umbro Regional Team Selection
  • Teams USA Selection, representing Oklahoma-Texas-California


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Biology (Pre-Med), University of Tulsa, 1996
  • B.S. Degree, Secondary Education, Northeastern State University, 1997
  • USSF National Licensed Coach, Youth Module I & II


  • Executive Director, Tulsa Field Sports Alliance
  • Biology Teacher, Charles Page High School 1997-2007
  • Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach, Charles Page HS 1997-2004
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honors Society
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddle Leader CPHS 2000-2007
  • Student Support Team Leader & Sandite Prayer Warrior’s Leader, CPHS, 1998-2007


  • WSA 80 Boys (1992-1998) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State Semifinalist
  • WSA 81 Girls (1993-1999) State Semifinalist
  • WSA 83 Boys (1997-2003) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State FINALIST
  • WSA 84 Boys (2002-2003) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State FINALIST
  • WSA 85 Boys (1997-2003) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State FINALIST
  • WSA 86 Boys (2002-2004) State Semifinalist
  • WSA 87 Boys (1998-2005) State Semifinalist
  • WSA 89 Girls (2000-2007) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State FINALIST
  • WSA 90 Girls (2008-2009) Nationally Ranked Top 50; STATE CHAMPIONS
  • WSA 92 Girls (2009-2011) Nationally Ranked Top 25; STATE CHAMPIONS (5th at Regionals)
  • WSA 93 Girls (2005-2012) Nationally Ranked Top 50; STATE CHAMPIONS
  • WSA 93 Boys (2012-2012) Nationally Ranked Top 50; STATE CHAMPIONS
  • WSA 94 Boys (2004-2013) Nationally Ranked Top 50; State FINALIST

       a PERSONAL BIO a

Favorite Player
Brazilian -- Pele 
Gunners -- Thierry Henry 
U.S. National Team -- Claudia Reyna & Landon Donavon (the best American footballer yet)

Favorite Club Team
Arsenal (with or without silverfare)

Favorite Saying
Defeat with dignity. Victory with Humility.

Coaching/Teaching Philosophy
All kids can learn and succeed if they are presented with unique situations that blend challenges with achievable outcomes. Success as a teacher, coach, or mentor is measured in the amount of investment you derive from your kids. Success is ongoing. It is not found in the u14 championship match, it is found in the moments when lesson meets life, and the future of the player is considered, so that 20 years down the road, a difference has been made.

Favorite Quote
"It’s not the critic that counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled, or how the doer of deeds could have done it better... the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat, and dust, and blood, who if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly". 
-- Theodore Roosevelt

"Never give up. Don’t ever give up." --- Jimmy Valvano

"Never die easy." -- Walter Payton

"Preach the gospel in everything you do. And when necessary, use words." -- St. Francis Assissi

Favorite Song
"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor 
"Burning Heart" Survivor 
"The Dance" Garth Brooks
"Amazing Grace"

Favorite Movie
Rocky I, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky VI, Creed (even though haven't seen it yet)
My Girl 
Dead Poets Society

Favorite Hobbies
Collecting football cards, dispensing marbles around the globe
Emailing Dallas Cowboys coaching staff on Sunday evenings

Other Favorites
Football Team (American): Dallas Cowboys
Basketball Team: Boston Celtics 
Food: Anything Lebanese and Lasagna
Time: Dusk

Short Life Bio
Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, although stories of coming over on a boat from Lebanon are much more dramatic (just not true). I am 1/2 Lebanese, 1/2 everything else. Moved to Sand Springs at the age of two, began my "footballing" career at the age of 6 in the Sand Springs Soccer Club. Attended Charles Page H.S. and was a four year basketball, cross-country and soccer athlete. Then attended Tulsa University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology/Pre-Med. Played for THE University of Tulsa (yes mocking THE University of Oklahoma claimers) and had the privilege and fortune of being a member of the T.U. team that was Missouri Valley Conference Champion and qualified for the NCAA tournament, and was inducted into the TU Hall of Fame. Post-college decided on a temporary career in teaching and coaching. Have taught at Charles Page H.S. since 1997, coached for W.S.A. since 1992, and began coaching at ORU in 2007.  Because of the pay and benefits I have continued that path with no regrets. A truly wise man would know that this choice has made a truly rich man. Have been supported throughout my life by an amazing family and terrific friends. Always wanted to be a country music singer -- but can’t sing. When I grow up I want to have a family and kids and be named a long distance consultant of the Dallas Cowboys. Find inspiration in my students and athletes on a daily basis, and my hero is my Sittee (Lebanese for grandma), and my heart is stolen by Alyssa, Madelyn, Choe, Josie, Sophie -- my five nieces, and my heart is excited to visit the boys section of the toy store at Christmas for nephews, RJ, Noah, and Stuart.