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Club Seasonal Registration:
$155 - Due Upon Registration 

$155 - Spring Registration Due Feb 15
* Option to pay $5 deposit and finance registration
* New 2022-2023 2.5% Transaction Fee added - see below

  • Player Insurance & Registration 
  • Team & Coach Registration & Background Checks
  • Training Facility Rentals, Leases, Maintenance 
  • Game Facility Rentals, Leases, Maintenance 
  • Club Admin (including referee assignor, registrar, coordinators, schedulers) 
  • Club Leadership (Directors of Coaching) 
  • WSA Injury Assessment Clinics (by LifeMotion) 
  • Family, Team, and Club Communication App 
  • Technical Staff (various supplemental trainers without team assignments)
  • The Side Player's Leadership Council 

Membership Fees (Monthly): $70-$90/month X 12 months
7U-8U: $75/month; 9U-10U: $90/month

  • Youth Academy Technical Staff (various trainers on training nights)
  • Goalkeeper Training (1X month) 
  • 2 Training Sessions Per Week w/ Youth Academy Coach 
  • Training Space w/ Lights 
  • Membership into Academy Club Series (Team Entry Fee separate) 
  • Membership into Futures Cup (regional travel series) 

Team Fees Not Covered By Above & Responsible to Team
Teams will generate a budget prior to June 1, and will share with families the projected quarterly installments required to cover the team expenses below.  WSA Youth Academy should expect these expenses to be significantly lower than competitive teams.

  • Coach Travel (proximate to $0 to $100/year)
  • League Entry Fees (proximate to $30/season) 
  • Additional Tournament or Scrimmage Fees (proximate to $100/season) 
  • Referee Game Fees (proximate to $30/season)  

New 2022:   Fees for 2022-2023 will incur a 2.5% transaction and processing fee.  *Due to the functionality of GOTSPORT software this fee will be collected on your "total invoice" and applied on your first/initial installment transaction.  There will NOT be future transaction fees applied to future transactions, after your initial payment is completed.  Per Example: If your total invoice is $1,770, then your initial payment will include an additional 2.5% of $1,770 or $44.25.  This payment covers your transaction fees for the entire invoice.