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WSA PRE-ECNLRL, 2012 & 2011


  • ECNL-RL CLUB FEES: $1,560/Year or $130/month X 12 mos 
  • CLUB SPRING ASSESSMENT: $100 (Due Nov 15) 
    TOTAL TO CLUB: $1,955/year


New 2022:   Fees for 2022-2023 will incur a 2.5% transaction and processing fee.  *Due to the functionality of GOTSPORT software this fee will be collected on your "total invoice" and applied on your first/initial installment transaction.  There will NOT be future transaction fees applied to future transactions, after your initial payment is completed.  Per Example: If your total invoice is $1,770, then your initial payment will include an additional 2.5% of $1,770 or $44.25.  This payment covers your transaction fees for the entire invoice. 


PRE-ECNL-RL TEAM FEES ESTIMATE: $600/Year or $50/month X 12 mos
Paid to Team Account 

Added Services for 2022-2023 Under Club Payments: 

  • 8-week Sports Performance Module
  • Game Filming (cameras, software subscription, tripods, hardware, TV App) 


Annual Registration: $295 
* Can pay $5 (plus transaction fee of 2.5% on total invoice) on May 1 and pay in 3 installments of $96.67 

  • Player Insurance & Registration 
  • Team & Coach Registration & Background Checks
  • Club League Affiliation Fee 
  • Training Facility Rentals, Leases, Maintenance 
  • Game Facility Rentals, Leases, Maintenance 
  • Concussion Program & In-House Resident Medical Staff 
  • Annual Concussion Baseline Screening with SWAY for each player
  • WSA Injury Assessment Clinics (by LifeMotion) 
  • Sports Performance Training (one module) 
  • Player, Team, Club Communication App 
  • Club Admin (including referee assignor, registrar, coordinators) 
  • Club Leadership (Directors of Coaching) 
  • Technical Staff (various supplemental trainers without team assignments)
  • Contribution to WSA's Financial Assistance Program 
  • Membership to Elite Side Referee Academy (ESR) 
  • The Side Player's Leadership Council 

Spring Registration Assessment: $100 - Due November 15 * New 2022-2023

  • Facility Assessment for Spring Season
  • Referee Program Assessment  
  • General Administrative Costs 

Club Membership Fees (Monthly): $130/month X 12 months

  • Lighted Training Space for Dark Periods
  • ECNL-RL Technical Staff
  • Goalkeeper Training (3X weekly) 
  • 3 Training Sessions Per Week 
  • 8 Functional Sessions Throughout Year
  • Team Game Filming 
  • Sports Performance Training  
  • WSA College Search Program (N/A) 
  • Championship Budget (teams advancing to Nationals) 

Team Fees Not Covered By Above & Responsible to Team - $50/month
Teams will generate a budget prior to June 1, and will share with families the projected quarterly or monthly installments required to cover the team expenses below.  These fees are paid TO THE TEAM.

  • Coach Travel (WSA will cover portions of coach travel, team responsible for one coach per team)
  • League Entry Fees (depends on league platform). 
  • Additional Tournament or Scrimmage Fees 
  • Referee Game Fees (assignor fees covered by club fees) 
  • Indoor Training and/or Futsal Program 
  • Game Day Experience & Operations 
    • Athletic Trainer On Site
    • Golf Carts 
    • Hosting Expenses 
    • League Branding Package, Signage, Tents (Pre-ECNL) 

Team Assessment Per Month to Club -  N/A