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REGISTERING FOR THE TEAM: To confirm your spot on the team the player will be required to register within 24 hours of being offered a roster spot.  During registration the player will make a commitment and pay a minimum of $5 deposit towards the registration.   

REGISTER ONLINE:  All players are required to register online.  See WSA Website REGISTRATION.   

REGISTRATION TIMELINE:  If offered a spot, the player can only confirm and secure the spot by registering online.

PENDING DECISION WITH TENTATIVE REGISTRATION:  It is possible for players to register to confirm their roster spot without having decided on a definitive team.  In some cases, in certain age divisions, there will be multiple teams formed and the coaching staff may be in process of reconfiguration.  In this case players can register, pay the $5 deposit, and will be placed on a team roster in the age group.  This decision can be made at the discretion of the player and parent. 
Fees will incur a 2.5% - 3.5% transaction and processing fee.  

RELEASE FROM REGISTRATION:  For players who register as a "pending decision", the club will release players in any case that the club is not able to fulfill the expectations of the team by June 1.  Players wishing to remain on the club roster after June 1 will be provided further timelines, as the team formation may continue until July 1. 

ALL OTHER REGISTRATION RELEASES MUST GO THROUGH PROCESS:  Any other registration commitment requires a process reviewed by the WSA Board for the release to be processed.  Since May and June are busy months for club registrars this process may be delayed into July if a request is made.  

FEES & PAYMENT PLANS.  NON REFUNDABLE ANNUAL COMMITMENT:  Once a player has registered the payment commitment is NON REFUNDABLE.  If players elect to quit or not finish the term of the agreement the balance of the year's invoice must be paid in full.  If extenuating circumstances apply, the player may appeal to the WSA Board with the team coach as advocate.  The WSA Board will review these requests during the month of January for the Spring Season (and not before January).  The WSA Board will open a review process for any requests during the Spring season each month subsequent to the month of the request.