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Youth Academy (5U-10U ages) will follow a flexible team commitment process to allow players to explore the option of pre-competitive soccer within a more exploratory and less structured environment targeted for the developmental age of the players. 

FLUID TEAM FORMATION:  To increase participation, the WSA Youth Academy model is more flexible in terms of player commitment.  Players may be added to teams throughout the calendar year. 

SUMMER TEAM FORMATION: MAY thru JULY   There will be a summer team formation process each year, in which returning players and any newly interested players may attend "open sessions".   

EVALUATION: AN OPEN PROCESS TO INCLUSION OF ALL.    All players who desire to play inside WSA's Youth Academy will be placed on a team.  There might be context provided by the WSA Youth Academy Coach on the level of the player and the "best fit" for the player based on the available teams WSA offers.  WSA strives to offer multiple teams in each age division in Youth Academy to meet all developmental levels. 

GEOGRAPHY & SOCIALIZATION:  WSA's Youth Academy Model is based on a design that favors parent logistics and convenience.  Thus, there may be some sacrifices and compromises made to ensure players are fit into teams that make sense for parent commitment in terms of drive-time, finances, and geography. Likewise strong consideration is given to the socialization of the player via friendships and socialization in creating the best experience, ahead of the best developmental team for the player.  

NEIGHBORHOOD & FRIENDSHIP TEAMS:  Teams who are pre-formed via the "neighborhood" or "friendship" team model are welcome in the WSA Academy.  Directors of Coaching can help these teams integrate fully into the WSA Youth Academy so that members maximize benefits from club participation. 

  Returning players are encouraged to re-register during the month of May each year.  This ensures the player can choose her/his coach and team from the previous season.  

NEW PLAYERS:  New players are encouraged to also attend May open sessions, and should be alert to open sessions offered during June and July.  The Youth Academy Season begins in August and many team rosters will begin to fill up.   New players can be added to teams at any time during the year, however, there could be some stipulations to late registrants regarding inclusion in game events (tournaments, leagues, friendlies, etc). 

PRO-RATED PAYMENTS:  The full price will be charged to all registrants who register between May and August.  Pro-rated membership fees appy after September 15 and at subsequent milestones throughout the year to protect those joining later from paying a full-year's worth of membership fees.