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Why "WEST"

"West" Has Many Meaning to "The Side"


   The "West" monniker takes it shape from the founding of the WSA Soccer Club in 1992.  The original club founders establishment of a soccer program on the "West" "Side" of Tulsa, as a rural and grassroots effort, helps define the etymology of the namesake.  Since 1992 WSA soccer has redefined West.  

  The WSA program has evolved to include participants from a large expanse of the Northeast Oklahoma area and beyond.  Membership has spanned the state lines of Arkansas, Texas,  and Kansas, and includes divisions in other rural communities (Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Ft Gibson, Claremore, Tahlequah).  

   As the club’s evolution of membership has taken place it’s "locale" has evolved too. While the primary office location and training center of "WSA" resides at the West Bank Sports Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma, teams play most of their Oklahoma Premiere League and Oklahoma Competitive League home matches at premiere and scenic game facility at Rivercity Parks in Sand Springs, with other matches overflowing to Claremore, Ft. Gibson, Tahlequah, Sapulpa, and Tulsa.  


   1) West is considered one of the 4 cardinal directions.  West happens to be the direction OPPOSITE that of the earth’s rotation on it’s axis. West Side Alliance S.C. is proud of it's orginal club founders and their energy to climb against the current with respect to establishing a premiere level club at a grassroots level, in rural settings. This spirit of club founders is still evident today in club leaders, and permeatest the ongoing mission of soccer at The Side. 

   2) In some philosophies "West" represents a movement toward enlightenment.  Some believe "West" was the realm of the great goddess of water.   And still others believed beyond the "Western" sea, off the edge of the maps, lay the "Otherworld" or "Afterlife".  WSA’s primary goal, ahead of soccer instruction, is the personal development of each player, the "enlightenment" that hopefully is "lasting" and "enduring"

   3) In American Literature moving "West" is commonly identified with gaining freedom, and "trailblazing" new territory.  In no uncertain way WSA has and continues to this day to represent a "new movement" freeing players to participate in American’s Competitive Soccer scene, who were once bound by resources, geography, language, or finances.  

   So "West" symbolizes many cultural and founding components of the current WSA soccer program, The Side.  The namesake "West" characterizes the pioneering and trailblazing spirit of the WSA soccer movement that has transpired since 1992, and the convicted spirit of today's leaders who remain commited to trailblazing new paths on behalf of The Side.  It this attitude that this is a common denominator among older players, younger players, and alumni, who come through the ranks of WSA programming.  

   "The Side" references the "Family" or "Community" of players, parents, volunteers, leaders, and coaches who make up the program.  "West Side" will always reference "Who" these people are, the sense of pride, commitment, family, and daring spirit, that embodies all club members.  The vision of the club, the club's "WHY", to serve the underserved, embrace the daring spirit, combat the impossible, and commit to the player as the focus, will continue to transcend the name.    

    If you want to learn more about what "West Side" really means, and our club's "why", we invite you to learn more through participation in our club program as a player, parent, volunteer, leader, or coach.