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Mission of Community Action Program (C.A.P.’s)

The West Side Alliance Soccer Club strives to realize a holistic definition of the youth soccer “experience”, one that links service with learning to foster personal growth and social change that result from cooperative relationships between youth, adults, and the surrounding community. The WSA C.A.P.’s program will remain dedicated and committed to fostering an attitude of service among WSA members, in our local community, and when the need and calling arises, beyond.
  • To accomplish this goal the C.A.P.’s program will​:
    • Establish an effective interface between the WSA Soccer Club and the cities of Sand Springs, Sapulpa, and Tulsa in order to identify and constructively address areas of need within the community.
    • Develop and promote programs (i.e. TOPSoccer) in partnership with our state and national associations, i.e. Oklahoma Soccer Association, USYSA, US Club Soccer, etc. that seek to serve the underprivileged or less fortunate.
    • Energize club members to develop effective “outreach” programs and make purposeful charitable contributions through the framework of their individual teams.
    • Promote a spirit of volunteerism at every level of club operations.
    • Offer charitable donations of club resources of time, talent, funds, and manpower to support and promote grassroots efforts of other soccer clubs or programs that serve our youth.

The West Side Alliance Soccer Club remains committed and dedicated to Service, Charity, and Community. 


The WSA Community Action Program is the ongoing effort of the "heart mission" of WSA.  WSA purposes itself to prioritize efforts in the community, maintain a commitment that is already inherent in our club membership, and advocate an expansion of outreach efforts. The following are a few of our current Community Action Programs active at West Side Alliance Soccer Club.  

Outreach Soccer Clinics
Our annual Spring soccer clinics at various local soccer clubs reach hundreds of kids per year. The clinics are hosted at the home club’s or school’s facilities and our professional coaching staff volunteers it’s service and time to make the journey to the named venue to help out the young kids. The cost is FREE and the coaching staff we provide often includes marquee collegiate and professional players who offer instruction, games, and sometimes, when asked, autographs. 

Outreach Soccer Leagues
For the past decade WSA has had generous donors help support WSA's outreach efforts to form teams, provide uniforms, provide coaches, provide equipment, and provide cleats, shinguards, and awards for under served sections of the community.  These outreach teams particpate fully in the WSA "in-house" Unified League.  This outreach effort is due in large part to the volunteers that abound in the WSA family, from referees, to schedulers, to coaches, to administrators, who all connect with the "heart mission" of the club.  

Gear Cycle
The Sand Springs Soccer Club offers a “Shoe Bank” that includes used but still in good condition shoes, socks, and shin guards. All equipment in the recycle bin is FREE to anyone who has a need. If you have shoes you have outgrown but are still in good condition, or if you received a new pair of guards from Santa, check with any club administrator on how to donate your old gear to the “recycle bin”, and give it new life. The recycle bin is usually available most nights of training, and is available during weekend Saturday matches. 

Mentor Coaches
The WSA “alumni” program has established a tradition of giving back to their home soccer community as many of the graduated and collegiate level players donate their time each May-July at soccer camps for the younger kids. In addition several of the current “senior” level WSA players serve as volunteer youth coaches in the WSA Soccer Club u6, u8, and u10 programs. 

Field Work Day
Each Summer, Fall, and Spring our volunteers contribute manpower hours to not only the enhancement of our training and playing grounds, but the beautification of the Rivercity Parks, West Bank Sports Complex, and the Salvation Army training ground. 

WSA Big Sis/Lil Sis Program
WSA teams regularly adapt younger WSA teams as their "little's".   If your team is u15 or older, please contact a coaching director about setting up a "little sister or little brother team".  If your team is u13 or younger, please contact a director if you'd like to partner with an older team.  Events and fucntions vary from cheer sections at games, to camps, to training sessions, to off field activities.  

Team Community Action Functions 
From trash pick-up, to canned food drives, to helping fill sack lunches for the needy, WSA teams get involved in a variety of community service and outreach efforts.

Amigos Task Force
The field crew.  From developing, renovating, to maintaining, this group of parent volunteers does it all. The objective of the Amigos Task Force is to provide fields and top class facilities for the players of WSA. It is not limited to just "dudes", even though the group’s preferred moniker is "Smoking Hot Dudes".  Any parent or player can join the Amigos and participate in our club’s massive field improvement, acquisition, and development project.   

WSA West Side Soccer League Outreach Project 
WSA and Eugene Field Elementary have cooperated to bring soccer to the Eugene Field Panther Elementary School. The program began in the Spring of 2008 and has slowly grown to include other outreach teams.  The purpose of the league program is to bring soccer and sport to many youth who would not otherwise be exposed to the opportunity and joy that sport provides. If you are interested in forming a team for the West Side Soccer League please contact league commissioner, Roger Bush, at

WSA Charity Focus (currently American Cancer Society)
Relay For Life

Submit Your Ideas
Do you have an idea of a community project that you would like to see the club or your team undertake? Do you have ideas of how our soccer community can use its resources to become a more purposeful, serving, and charitable member of our community? Please submit your idea to our
Director of Coaching who will forward it to our C.A.P. chairperson.