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(posted April 7, 2020) 

The Side has offered elected payments for the month of May in response to COVID19. 


1. The player will be the center of all leadership decisions.  In this case the organization fill be second to the child. 

2. We are in this together.  We are partnering as an organization with families and staff to bring the game to the CHILD.  

3. Honest, ethical, and moral decisions will be the only ones contemplated or tolerated. 

WSA soccer management and leadership understands that COVID19 has had a global impact.  In an effort to to assume the best interests of our families we are offering to forgive Annual Payment Plans that have a May 1 balance due to the club.   This forgiveness of payment has no impact on your child's place on a WSA Roster or Team and full membership benefits will still be provided, including insurance, any training, virtual or otherwise, and all club servcies rendered, virtual or otherwise, with the exception of any restrictions the club follows in response to COVID19 and authority directives who have jurisdiction over club management (i.e. Federal, State, Local Government, and National Sanctioning bodies).  This allows a fluid and seamless transition to "return to play" for every CHILD.  The club remains committed to continuing to operate, and plan and prepare for return to play protocols, as well as "new norm" safety protocols, on behalf of EVERY PLAYER, EVERY CHILD, and EVERY FAMILY.  


Elected May payment is for any club family who has a May balance due on an annual payment with the organization.

If you would like the club to forgive your balance due on May 1 for your Annual Club Fee, please complete your appropriate age division form (see links on righthand side navigation of this page).  Please complete ONE FORM PER CHILD. The club will immediately change your automated invoicing to $0 due on May 1.  You will receive a personal email, from a club administrator, to confirm this has been executed. 

Also available, is an option to make a
tax deductible gift to WSA Soccer, via this linkWSA will send you a letter of receipt to certify your tax-deductible gift.  The gift options range from $10 to $100 in $10 increments. 

Being as the player, YOUR CHILD, is central to all decisions, WSA made decisions through that lens, to attempt to keep all staff employed.  On April 7, 2020, this is the case.  WSA has set forth a process to ensure every coaching and admin staff receive April pay funded from WSA (staff have also been provided resources to apply for government assisted aid).  The club is ensuring that all processes are honest, ethical and moral per government regulations and per club ethos.  The club is not able to guarantee pay for the month of May, but will continue to work to find solutions.  In the interim WSA coaches have been offered an opportunity to join The Side's Volunteer staff for the duration of COVID19.  In just a few hours this outpouring of suppport as been nothing short of phenomenal.  We expect your staff to remain in place during the current crisis and into the future, and we expect to "find a way" as we move forward into and through unchartered territory.  We appreciate your patience, understanding, and your support.  PLEASE THANK YOUR COACH! 

I understand that WSA is offering to forgive the May 2020 payment due on an Annual Agreement.  The club has not voluntarily suspended play and is abiding by directives of authorities to communally battle a global epidemic in COVID19.  WSA and myself both understand this epedemic will have long lasting economic, financial, social, and cultural implications. 

WSA maintains an intent to continue serving children through the great game of soccer.  As such the forgiveness of this payment will not jeopardize the child's roster spot or place on the WSA team whatsoever.  WSA will continue to provide services of soccer, as allowed by the Federal, State, and Local Authorities and as allowed by the guidance of National Sanctioning Bodies.  

WSA will continue to pay necessary expenses to operate, make adjustments where called on, and cooperate with members to continue to bring the sport to children.  WSA's primary non-negotiable during this time is that all organizational decisions will center on the PLAYER, YOUR CHILD. Decisions on behalf of the PLAYER, YOUR CHILD, will be prioritized ahead of organizational sustainability or success. 
Your family's ability to take care of YOUR CHILD has become our first priority, and our second priority that of maintaining a coaching leadership staff to serve as role model, leader, and mentor to the PLAYER, YOUR CHILD. For the success of the organization, we will "find a way", as we understand we are "in this together". 

Furthermore, many of WSA's expenses for the 2019-2020 year have already been expensed and paid for on behalf of each child (insurance, leases, maintenance, staffing, support programs, third party vendor services). This is an understanding and agreement by the organization and the registrant here to cooperate to help serve a community of need during this time, with an understanding the family hardship will be prioritized ahead of organizational hardship.