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LEADERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: Kurt Quillman to Academy Vertical Transition Director

LEADERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: Kurt Quillman to Academy Vertical Transition Director


WSA is excited to formally announce Kurt Quillman will take over the role of Youth Academy Vertical Transition Director.   Quillman has worked for WSA Soccer the past three years, serving in varying capacities of the organization. 

"Kurt is a fantastic coach and teacher of the game . He has a unique skiltset for teaching and connecting during the player's formative years.  He is engaging, relates to the player, and thus teaches," reports WSA Executive Director, Roger Bush.  









Quillman has served in the capacity of administrating the Boys Regional League platforms, coached several youth academy teams, is the general manager of the ACS League, and worked inside of club business operations for the past 3 years.  The formal announcement of this role positions the club for continued growth and improved service in WSA's Youth Academy program.  Quillman direct the onboarding of new players, and the transition of players and teams into WSA's Player's Academy (competitive ages 11-19), from WSA's "Youth Academy" (youth ages 5-11).  

"Most important, within this role, Kurt understands the relationship between the player and the player's environment.  He is aware of the environmental elements of parent interaction, positive coaching, teammates, the need for joy through social participation in sport.  And he has an understanding of skill acquisition and phases of development," continued Bush.  "He has produced inside of himself, and is also gifted, with a tremendous capacity to teach and develop through the key stages of development." 

The position takes effect immediately.  Quilllman, "Coach Kurt", will help with coach development, coach and parent onboarding, and player development initiatives for the Youth Academy Program, under the direction of Ryan Bush, the Youth Academy Director.   He will team up with WSA Soccer's Youth Academy Leadership team of Doug Melton, Girls Youth Academy Director, and Jimmy Gibbs, Boys Youth Academy Director, to lead WSA's expansive Youth Academy soccer program. 









"Kurt has been instrumental in the growth inside the academy over the last three years.  He is gifted in relating to young athletes.  His demeanor is both positive and encouraging. Kurt has an intrinsic ability to grow the "love of the game" inside of young players,"
reports Ryan Bush, WSA Youth Academy Director. 

One of the objectives of this position will to be help the transition of players through the various milestones within the Youth Academy phase of the player's career.   Players move through several milestones in rapid succession during their youth academy careers.  

"From the club perspective as the academy continues to grow it is imperative to have the correct organizational structure in place.  Kurt has been essential in fulfilling this role and will continue to augment it as the club progresses forward," Coach Ryan continued. 

In addition to this role Kurt will continue to serve on WSA Soccer's Leadership Team.  Kurt coordinates with other club directors on several club development initiatives and operations within that role, directed at safeguarding the club's mission, advancing the club's core values, and carry out the club's vision statements.  


  • 3 Years Leadership & Coaching at WSA Soccer
  • Over ten years coaching experience
  • Coach of Lil Kickers
  • Leader of Tulsa Athletics Youth Academy 
  • Former College Athlete - Football at Kansas University 
  • Played for Mark Mangino at KU, Orange Bowl 2007
  • HS Football Standout for Union Redskins under Coach Blankenship