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WHAT IS IT?  This is a schedule of ALL of WSA's home games.  It will be shared weekly.  It may be shared 2X or 3X weekly based on the number of revisions that are executed after the first version is sent out. 

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE THIS? It will be sent out by Roger or Rachel proximate to each Sunday night. 

IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN MY PUBLIC SCHEDULE VIEW?  No.  The CLUB COMPOSITE HOME SCHEDULE should match your public view schedule.  The purpose of sending this out is to help ensure that the public schedule you are using and the internal club schedule we are using match up, to ensure we have not missed any games, game details, or have any clerical errors which would create a double booking, a no-show referee, a no show opponent, or a field not mowed, painted, nets not staked, anchored, etc...   

WHAT ABOUT MY AWAY GAMES?  WSA cannot govern other club's scheduling processes.  We do hope we set a good example and prompt good action by others.  However we will respect all away clubs/opponents processes for handling their reschedules and scheduling. 

WHY DO I NEED TO VIEW THE HOME COMPOSITE SCHEDULE?  This helps WSA team leaders ensure for club leaders that your game has made the schedule for facilities, game ops, referee assigning, and more.  YOUR GAME IS IMPORTANT and we appreciate your help in making sure that the facility is ready, referees are assigned, etc.... 

WHY SO MANY GAMES TO SCROLL?  WSA will host 1,000+ home games this season at 12 different facilities, in 10 different league platforms across 150+ (approaching 200) teams.  We are excited to do this.  And we do plan to "differentiate" the schedule at some point soon to help alleviate information overload for you (right now until software glitches are repaired & league processes streamlined, we have quickly created the best process we can - we are always open to construction of our processes towards improvement. If you conceptualize or see a better plan, let us know).

THE PROCESS?  WSA is asking each team leader, coach & manager (not one or the other, but both) and every Director of Coaching to help by giving a weekly review of the upcoming game schedule that is sent out via email.  Since all games are being typed by hand (software malfunction) your oversight of this will help provide accountability for any errors which are apt to happen because of this level of detail of this massive amounts of information, and the lack of completeness of any league schedule (other than GA) at the moment.  The lack of completeness of 9 different league scheudules has created a literal onslaught of correspondence (so it's not just information transfer, it is information management, then transfer, and the opportunity for mistakes are high).

WHAT IS A COURTESY NOTIFICATION?  WSA has asked all teams to notify your upcoming opponents ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR GAME (home & away) by TEXT & EMAIL to confirm your game.  Click here for this easy 2-step process.

VALUE OF A SCHEDULE?  WSA believes this may be the singlest most important function of a club other than safety.  Your schedule governs your experience.  We'd like your families to have as much as possible a SET schedule that they can plan on.  Our motto for scheduling is "soccer is something "else" our families do".   

WHY THE PROCESS?  WSA hopes that by increasing accounability, attention, and awareness of our HOME GAMES this in a small way will help facilitate league processes, of which WSA is a member of.   We have also been overly aggressive because we have so many teams to manage in so many league platforms.  Proactice processes are the best towards excellence.  At this time many of the OPC game schedules have not been fully executed.  We are respecting the processes of the league office and also trying to expedite and facilitate as many resolutions to schedule conflicts as possible.  

WHAT IF THE AWAY CLUB IS NON RESPONSIVE?  Unfortunately we are more limited with respect to opponents hosting games.  But if you are unsuccessful reaching a club you can contact any WSA Director who will try to help make the connection for you. 

WHY SO MUCH INFORMATION BY EMAIL, TEXT, & E-VERSION? We have attempted to remain respectful of "no social gatherings".  We currently have 150+ team managers on staff and 200+ coaches on staff.  As we have contemplated various ways to segregate meetings via zoom, conf call, or in person, we have decided to employ the use of technology.   ** For Roger's sake this is highly frustrating because I do understand that many of you do not understand :).    Looking forward to meeting soon again.  And taking opportunity to grow our ability to communicate via email, websites, text, and other "non personable" means. 

WHERE CAN I FIND THIS INFORMATION AGAIN IN CASE I LOSE THIS EMAIL?  All game operations info is being posted in two locations that are 1-2 CLICKS AWAY via WSASOCCER.ORG HOMEPAGE. 
1. Go to MANAGERS from the homepage

2. Go to LEAGUE PLATFORM.  See homepage, right hand side, in red, a directory of league platforms.