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1. All team members have set up payments - share link below with team members

2. Complete your Uniform Sizing Roster - CLICK HERE then go to TEAM LEADER ACCESS (use password 1992) 

3. Submitted your Uniform Sizing Roster to Caitlyn -

* Caitlyn will reconcile your team uniform roster against payments submitted to make sure all players have set up a payment plan.  If any player has not set up a payment plan then the team's order will be delayed or that player may be removed from the team uniform roster.  Caitlyn will submit your order to Soccer USA and authorize Soccer USA to prepare your team set. 

4. You will be notified when your uniforms can be picked up at SOCCER USA by Caitlyn.

5. Note/Reminder: All uniforms are purchased thru WSA Soccer.  WSA will authorize Soccer USA on dispersal of the uniform. 


The deadline to order Goalkeeper Uniforms is SUNDAY, JULY 11th.  
Goalkeepers Order via this link:
Goalkeepers who have not ordered by the deadline can purchase GK uniforms from the overstock while available. 


What if we add a player to our roster after submitting our Uniform Roster? 
Prior to September 1:
         1. Player sets up payment plan.
         2. Contact Caitlyn and she will verify and will contact Soccer USA to release uniform for Player XYZ.
         3. Caitlyn will inform you when your uniform is able to be picked up.
Post September 1:
         1. A new process will be provided (if none listed here please contact Caitlyn). 

We have not set up a Team Sizing Day.  What do we do?

Contact Caitlyn to see if this is still possible. If not then Caitlyn will advise you when you'll be able to go to Soccer USA directly to pick up the uniforms.

Uniform Add-Ons: Backpacks, Warm-Ups, PreGame Tops.  When can we order these? 

Backpacks - we have sold out of the first batch.  There is second batch backordered and when availalbe we will let team leaders know.

Warm-Ups - these are currently on backorder with NIKE.  We are working on a solution.  Once we solve we will set up Warm-Up sizing days for those who would like to order warm-ups.  The order process will require a team 50% down payment and payment of the balance due upon receipt. 

Pre-Game Top - once we have solidified inventory with NIKE these will become available via a pre-order process of sizing, and 50% deposit payment by team, and balance due upon receipt.