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Why I Play

I play soccer because it makes me stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love that soccer shows each player’s character: determination (being willing to give everything during every game and practice), courage (taking hard tackles to move the ball up the field), self-control (keeping cool even when it would be so easy to clobber someone), and sacrifice (not just doing the work at practice but also at home). In each game, you can see the culmination of the hard work each person has put into practice. Soccer is also a platform for glorifying God both on and off the field by doing everything to the best of my ability. In many ways soccer is like life. I know that if I give it my all and never give up, there’s nothing I can’t do. Philippians 4:13   Anna Fulton, WSA 00 Girls

Why I play soccer
People ask why I play soccer and I just can't perfectly explain what the sport does to you. You can't perfectly explain the happiness you get when you step out onto the field. The smell of the wet grass and the struggle when you play against the wind. The adrenaline that runs through your body as the clock ticks. Holding your breath as you watch the ball soar towards the net. What I can perfectly explain is the feeling you get when you look at your teammates faces. Being able to play the sport that I love with my second family is what makes every drop of blood and sweat worth it. My team is the reason I play soccer.    Ava Smith 03 Girls Blue

I've played soccer for as long as I can remember. It's always been a passion of mine. I love the feeling I get when I'm having fun with my team and coaches. If I don't have fun while learning, I'm not inspired to play soccer. Being with the right team matters a lot to me. At WSA, there's always new things to learn and my coaches push me to a different level, helping me grow. If I'm not learning, I'm not progressing, and I've never felt that way here. I have a huge respect for my teammates who also help me get better because it's not just my coaches putting in the work. My soccer team is like another family to me (including the crazy cousins).   -Audrey Fowler, '03 girls WHITE

When I first started playing soccer, it was just for fun. Now that I'm older I know that soccer is a part of me, it's a part of my life. I play soccer because it helps me learn to set goals and achieve them. Soccer helps me learn from my mistakes. I love soccer and I want it to be a part of my life forever. I'll continue playing the sport I love because it's an important part of who I am as a person.  -- Raemi Seiler 03G White 

I play soccer because I love it and have a passion for the sport.                           -- Grace  03G White 

The reason why I play soccer is to have fun. I get to spend time with the friends that I have made and play the sport that I love. It keeps me busy and keeps me in  shape so I can play longer and push myself to become better at what I do.

-- Adley Sparks, 03 Girls White




I play soccer because I feel that it helps me grow as a person. I’ve met so many new people and friends throughout the years I’ve been playing soccer, and I’ve learned so much about cooperation and teamwork and what it means to be a good friend. I don’t know what I’d do without my girls and my coaches. They’re some of the most important people in my life. I’ve learned how to cooperate with my coaches and other adults, not to mention the fact that I have a passion for soccer and I’m dedicated to becoming the best I can be. It’s a fun sport and I hope to come as far as I can, and meet many more people along the way.

—Mikiah Perdue


I play soccer because it is fun and brings me joy.  Every time I play, I love it even more. I enjoy learning new skills and displaying them on the field. I have played soccer since I was 4, and I can’t imagine not stepping out on the field. Soccer is not only fun, but it provides many opportunities to build lifelong relationships. It allows you to work as a team, but also showcase your abilities. I hope to continue to grow and play soccer for as long as I can.
           -Kyndall Campbell 03G Blue 


The reason why I play soccer is to have fun. I get to spend time with the friends that I have made and play the sport that I love. It keeps me busy and keeps me in  shape so I can play longer and push myself to become better at what I do.

Adley Sparks, 03 Girls White

I play soccer because one, I love to play it and two, it’s one of my favorite sports. I stated playing soccer when I was about 5 years old, and I played on a lot of different team for a lot of different reasons, mostly had to do with the coaches being bad or moving. When I broke my foot, I wasn’t able to play for 6 months, which made me miss it and love it even more. When I healed, my old team had departed so I tried out for WSA. I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it because I had been out for so long, but I did, and I was so exited! It was harder at first because I was still hurting still and I didn’t know anyone, but now I love the team I’m on, coach’s and teammates. I hope I will be able to play soccer in the future. 

-Bethany, 03G White 


Gabby Fields
                         Why I Play Soccer
          When I first started playing soccer, I didn’t know how important it would be to me. Soccer is my second home and my teammates and coaches are my second family. I feel safe when I play soccer and I feel like I cannot be judged. It gives me a challenge every time I step onto the field and it helps me learn how to reach my goals. I have learned to put 110% of myself into everything I do, academically and in sports. Soccer has taught me to strive for excellence. I play soccer because it is my passion and the only place where I can truly be myself.


 The reason I play soccer is because I’m passionate about it. There’s nothing more exciting to me then going to practice or a game. After a bad day, it feels really nice to go out to practice and forget about it all. During games my mind is clear of everything else in the world besides my coaches, my teammates, the goal, and the ball. Soccer is not an easy sport but when you really love something your always striving to get better and better. My team is one of the best parts about soccer. We are all very close and talk all the time. We goof around a lot but when it’s time to get to work we get it done. I’m so blessed to have a group of girls and coaches that push me to be the best I can be! Soccer is without a doubt my favorite sport! 

-Andra Mohler 
 ‘03 Girls Blue 


I play soccer because it helps me stay active and it is fun. I enjoy it because you get to compete against other teams and I am a competitive person.  I also like that I play a team sport like soccer because we have to rely on each other to help fix our mistakes on the field. 

-Hannah Wesson
 ‘03 Girls Blue 

The reason I play soccer is because I love the feeling when I touch a soccer ball.  I feel like no one can stop me or get to me. I feel safe.  I play soccer because I love it and in the plus side it gets me in shape.
Ella Cook, 03 Girls Blue 

Ever since I was three years old I have had the ball at my feet. There is so much joy in the sport, the feeling of being cheered on and the joy of your team scoring. I love having a feel of joy for something that is not only fun but also competitive, I love the bonds I get to make with my teammates and coaches. Soccer isn’t just something I do for fun though, Soccer is how I live, if I am stressed I go play soccer. If I am mad I go play soccer. If anything is wrong soccer picks me up it pushes all the bad things to the side for just a moment to where I can just forget about all my problems and be happy. Soccer is not only my life but my passion and hopefully my future. That is why I play soccer. 

Keelia Hazelwood 03G Blue