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The WSA Way Curriculum

The WSA Way Curriculum

THE WSA WAY Curriculum

THE WSA WAY Curriculum

The Curriculum for WSA soccer is a living document.  It is the "always becoming" instructional plan, that helps provide the guideposts for learning and teaching inside the WSA Soccer Program.  The history of devleopment of The WSA Way...


The WSA Way Curriculum

The WSA Way Curriculum Contains several elements inside the team and age-specific areas.  Below is a brief outline of the "club elements".   Please be mindful that the primary WSA Way elements are inside the team's training, offered and supported by the individual WSA team, and the team coach.  

High Performance Movements (Speed, Quickness, Leaping, Cutting, Propioception, and more) 
Recovery (Aerobic Short Term and Long Term Sustainability) 
Nutrition (Ratios, Game Day, Recovery Day, Prep Day, Periodization Functions) 
Fitness (Fast Twitch to Slow Twitch Muscle Proportions) 
Injury Prevention (Rehab, Concussion Protocol Program, Balance, Coordination) 
Testing Metrics (Test In, Test Out, Benchmarks) 


Postional Specific Role (specific to 4231 formation and applicable to all formations) 
Territorial Role (location on field) 
System of Play Functional Roles (i.e. Sit & Counter vs Press High or Deliberate Ball Mastery vs Direct) 
Game Management Functions (time remaining, score, typology of match, pacing, etc) 

GK Academy Level 1: Introductory to Beginners (Exposure & General Fundamentals of Catching) 
GK Academy Level 2: Intermediate Training (Angles, Diving, Handling, Distribution) 
GK Academy Level 3: Advanced Training (Functional Role, Power Diving, Boxing, Deflecting, Communication) 
GK Functional Training:  At Team Session Training w/ Live Play (Appraisal, Correction, Interactive Feedback) 
GK Wholistic Training: Game Day Warm-Ups, Recoveries, OffSeason Fitness Plans, etc

Sports Pyschology (Motivation, Growth Mindset, Self Efficacy, Self Confidence, Pre Competition Anxiety) 
Mental Imagery (Focus, Visualization) 
Self-Talk (Mental Toughness, Power in Words, Resiliance) 
Mindfulness & Meditation (Stress Managment, Coping, Mental Processing, Decision Making) 

Club Core Value & Club Core Competency (shape perspective, drive decisions) 
Community Servant (how to follow, how to lead, how to respond, how to nurture) 
Culture Builders (how to give attention to consistent actions, words & behaviors that develop culture) 
Leadership Aptitude (credibility, qualities, authorities) 
Team Building (growing relationally, working inside a team, becoming responsible to something bigger) 

Technology (Player Apps, Fitness Based, Skill Based, Cogntive Training, Nutrition, etc) 
Videos (Analysis, Training Sessions, Game Analysis, Modeling Skills & Movements)  
Independent Learning (Active reading, studying, film analysis, personal growth) 
Social Media Engagement (Club engaging with age ranges via healthy social media)