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1. Log in to your TGS Account.
2. Select TEAM account (not parent or club) 
3. Click on your TEAM NAME.
4. Left hand navigation, under MY TEAMS, click on BILLING 
5. Click on CLUB BILLING
6. Click on WSA UNIFORMS 
7. Scroll Down to "Show 10 items per page" and change to 20 or more to show your entire team roster. 
8. You will not be able to download or print this page (yet - we have put in request to TGS). 
9. List your players that are showing.  If they are showing they have ordered a uniform.  Under payment status it may show "Paid in Full" or "In Process" (on a payment plan) or "Past Due" (credit card or payment method has malfunctioned).  For any Past Due payemnts, please alert this family to revise their method of payment. 
10. COMPLETE.  You now have a comprehensive list of all players who have ordered a uniform.  * We are asking TGS to give you permission to see the size requests.  This is not yet functional.  For now, WSA will download this info from our admin permissions and send to you or include in your team uniform box.