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  • The brackets for advancing teams in a 2-3 day tournament event are explained below.  
  • Please be sure to pay attention to the layout of your bracket on the tournament software to clarify your game times and seeding.  
  • Be sure to have an understanding of the tournament points system, and tiebreakers. 


  • Each team plays 3 games in pool play. 
  • Top 2 teams advance to the Championship Final. 


  • Each teams plays 2 games in pool play. 
  • After 2 games all 5 teams are seeded based on points #1 thru #5. 
  • #4 vs #5 will play a "play-in" game.  The winner advances to the Semifinal.
  • #2 vs #3 will play a Semifinal.  The winner of #4v#5 plays #1 in a Semifinal.
  • The Winner of the 2 Semifinal Matches will play each other in the Championship Final. 


  • Each team plays 4 games in pool play.
  • Champion and Runners-Up determined by total points. 


  • Each team plays 2 pool matches within a group of 3. 
  • After 2 games teams are seeded in their group #1 thru #3.
  • The two #3 teams will play a Consolation Final (#3A vs #3B). 
  • The 2 Semifinal Matches:  Group A #1 vs Group B #2, Group B #1 vs Group A #2.
  • The winners of the 2 Semifinal Matches will meet in a Championship Final. 


  • Each teams plays 2 pool matches in the first round. 
  • After the 2 pool matches all teams are seeded #1 thru #7. 
  • The #1 Seed advances to the Semifinal. 
  • The Quarterfinal Pairings:  #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5
    • NOTE: if the pairings create a re-match of a previously played match in the quarterfinal round then teams MAY be re-seeded applying best logic by the Tournament Director to create a uniquely different 3rd game for each team.  No competition standards appeals, protests, or feedback will be allowed for this process.  Each team should regard the bracket format as game #3 is an elimination game of an unknown opponent. 
  • The Semifinal Pairings: #1 vs Winner of #4v#5, #2v#7 winner vs #3v#6 winner 
    • NOTE: The semifinal matches will NOT be re-seeded if they create a re-match, since presumably all teams will have played 3 unique opponents prior to the semi-final round. For point of clarification, a team may play a re-match in the semifinals.
  • The Championship Final: Winner of the Two Semifinal Matches


  • Each team plays within a group of 4 and will play 3 pool games.
  • Winners of the Groups will advance. 
  • In some divisions (pending age) the runners up of the group will also advance. 
  • The determination of number of advancing teams is based on age of athlete and rest periods available. 
  • If there is a semifinal round the pairings will be: #1A vs #2B, #1B vs #2A. 
  • At 2024 WSA Cup there are no semifinal rounds planned so GROUP WINNERS will advance. 

8 TEAM BRACKET SPECIAL FORMAT In Some 4v4 Divisions : 

  • Each team plays within a group of 4 and will play 3 pool games.
  • All teams will advance. 
  • GOLD SEMIS: Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd; Group B 1st vs Group A 2nd 
  • SILVER SEMIS: Group A 3rd vs Group B 4th; Group A 4th vs Group B 3rd 
  • Winners of Gold Semis play in Gold Championship Final 
  • Winners of Silver Semis play in Silver Championship Final 


  • 3 Groups of 3 will be created. 
  • Each team will play 2 games within their group.
  • The #1 seed of each group will advance to the semifinal round. 
  • The #2 and #3 seeds of each group will play an additional 3rd group/pool game in a cross-over format.
  • The cross-over pool games will be paired: #2A vs #3C, #2B vs #3A, #2C vs #3B
  • The #2 and #3 seeds total points will be compared considering all 3 pool games.
  • The Semifinal Pairings: Group A #1 vs Group C #1, Group B #1 vs Wild Card
  • The Semifinal Pairings can be rearranged if a Wild Card is paired to play a team from it's first round group.
  • Championship Final Pairings: Winner of Semifinal #1 vs Winner of Semifinal #2


  • There will be 3 Groups/Pools: 2 Groups/Pools of 3, and 1 Group/Pool of 4
  • The brackets of 3 will play cross-over only matches (i.e. Group A teams will play Group B teams) 
  • All teams will play 3 matches 
  • The winners by points of the 3 Groups will advance to the semifinals
  • One Wild Card will advance based on points an tiebreakers.
  • The winners of the Semifinals will advance to the Championship Final