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Serve Selflessly. Live Honorably.

  The WSA Cup Player of the Tournament was named after the late Mr Ken Lovelee, WSA Soccer's second president who tenured from 2006 through 2014. Mr. Lovelee was well-known as a selfess servant, and honorable man.  His leadership, service, and influence on WSA Soccer was tremendous.  He was a team manager for the WSA '92 Boys soccer team, and served both as Registrar and President for WSA Soccer.  

  Mr. Lovelee's namesake has been added to the West Bank Clubhouse, a place he asked WSA Executive Director Roger Bush, if he could retire to.  A humble retirement dream.  The club also has added his name several times to the WSA Cup Team Trophy.  And often where his name appears, the club's Ken Lovelee Memorial mantra:  Serve Selflessly.  Live Honorably, a mantra prompted by this man's life, and influence. 

  Today in honor of Mr. Lovelee, at the Proving Grounds Awards Stage during WSA Cup's famous "Raise the Cup" ceremony for the Champion and Finalist teams, the tournament recognizes a player from the tournament who embodies the spirit and example of Mr. Lovelee.  A player who demonstrates gamesmanship, sportsmanship, proper attitude, and teammateship.  This award is meant to be transcendent to a typical "MVP" or "Best Player" award, and represent the spirit of work done well.  

The Ken Lovelee Player of the Tournament Award has been given out at 

WSA Cup since 2005, with Mr Lovelee's name added to the award in 2015.