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1. WSA SENIORS ONE YEAR UNIFORM PURCHASE: WSA will offer a clubwide effort to "re-purchase" and "re-purpose" senior team members uniform jerseys at the conclusion of the senior year for players wishing to "sell back" to WSA.  This will help mitigage the expense for seniors purchasing uniforms for one year. 

2. WSA 10U TEAMS (2012's) LAST YEAR YOUTH ACADEMY:  These teams are encouraged to consider purchasing the FULL NIKE ELITE KIT for their final year of Youth Academy instead of the Youth Academy Kit.  This mitigates any expenses required in the players' subsequent (2022-2023) first full year of competitive soccer the following year. 

3. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  For extenuating circumstances WSA can offer a uniform payment plan to help offset initial, up front costs for uniforms outside of the scope of the current payment plans in place. WSA does not offer reduced or discounted pricing for uniforms.  The club does have an outreach program for dire need situations.  Coaches will bring needs to their Directors of Coaching for any of these special circumstances. 

4. SPARE UNIFORM KIT FOR GUEST PLAYING & EMERGENCIES:  Teams may purchase an additional "spare" jersey kit to use as a "guest player" kit, or for any emergencies.  These will be made available at a discounted rate following the dispersal of kits to all players who ordered by the deadlines.  The club will also house additional kits for ocassional check-out via the Club Shop, Clubhouse, and Club Office during the year.  These will not be made available until all uniforms are dispersed to the players who ordered by the deadlines. 

5. GOALKEEPER UNIFORMS ORDER PROCESS IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT:  WSA Goalkeeper kits are available as the full NIKE ELITE KIT (2 NIKE GK Jerseys, 2 NIKE GK Shorts, 2 NIKE GK Socks, 2 GK Training Tops).  All GK Uniforms are "unisex" cut (no women's cut).  All sizes are "adult" - AS, AM, AL, AXL.  The WSA NIKE ELITE GK KIT is sold for the same price as the full WSA NIKE ELITE FIELD PLAYER KIT - $295 ($285 if paid in full).   
The goalkeeper order process is slightly different:  Goalkeepers will be required to submit their sizing information during the order process (this is due to a nationwide shortage of inventory).   Goalkeepers should submit orders by June 15 and no later than June 21st to ensure their size and goalkeeper equipment arrives on time.  There will be GK Sizing Days in Tulsa (TBD).  


6. CUSTOM SHORTS & WHITE SHORTS:  The NIKE Custom Shorts are a significant upgrade to the 2021 uniform.  The addition of this piece increased the overall cost of the uniform kit this year with both pairs, navy and white, being NIKE Custom.  The shorts should fit, wear, wash, and breathe better.  There are "men's cut" and "women's cut" in adult sizes which will help with the comfort, feel, function, and look of the short.  The White Shorts are also the same type of white short used nationwide amongst NIKE College programs.  We believe this addition to the uniform kit will be a welcome upgrade.  We are always open to feedback. 











7. SIZING FOR NIKE SOCKS: Socks can be ordered in 3 sizes:  SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE.  The sock sizing chart is below.  Most players 11 and older, prefer "Medium" socks.  Most players 10 and younger prefer "Small" socks.  Some players will prefer "Large" socks.  The Sock Sizing Chart below can help.