Achievement+ Perspective+ Perseverance




The WSA Way Curriculum


1. Be sure to find out what your coach's expectations are for your team. 
2. From your age division page, you'll see the current session plan. 
3. Choose Intermediate (10U-14U) or Advanced (15U-19U).  
4. Complete the session and report back in (let coach know, report on FB w/ #TSW, and sign in at the end of the video) 

5. Check your Periodization Schedule (INTERMEDEDIATE  ADVANCED) for your age division's next session or activity.  


1. Can I do more or less?  Yes.  You are welcome to scroll through your age division Periodization Schedule, AKA, "the plan" (INTERMEDEDIATE  ADVANCED and work ahead, or you can visit The Side's Virtual Training Video Library and find more or less advanced activities.  

2. What if I can't stay on the schedule posted?  No problem.  We will continue to post the newest training videos here and will keep the Periodization Schedule (INTERMEDEDIATE   ADVANCEDposted so you can reference.

3. How will old sessions be archived?  The old sessions are archived in the Periodization Schedule (INTERMEDEDIATE  ADVANCEDwith links to the applicable videos.  You can also viw The Side's Virtual Training Video Library for old sessions.  

4. What is "Periodization"? Systematically planned and progressive training.  It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period.  It may involve repetition in some areas, progression in others, and includes rest, recovery, and high intensity intervals.