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RICHMOND, VA (April 19, 2022) – ECNL Boys is pleased to announce an initial round of 10 new clubs that will be joining the ECNL Boys Regional League platform in the 2022-23 season.  These clubs stretch from Florida to California, reflecting the commitment of the ECNL Boys to provide pathways for clubs looking to provide the best experiences for their players and teams.

“We are thrilled to welcome these clubs into the ECNL Regional League for the 2022-23 season,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner Jason Kutney. “The growth of the Regional League platform has been significant over this past year, showing the clear desire of clubs to align within a club pathway as they, in turn, offer that same pathway to their players. We will continue our efforts to create opportunities for philosophically aligned clubs to become a part of this mission.”

WSA will begin participation this Fall, the 2022-2023 seasonal year.   WSA Boys Director of Coaching Levi Coleman stated, “WSA is excited  to be partnering with ECNL through the RL platform.  This is another step in the direction we expect and aim to lead our programming.   Our staff, leadership, and players are grateful for the opportunity, and looking forward to the challenge." 

Alex McLaurin, WSA Senior Technical Director, referenced the announcement as part of the evolution of the WSA boys  program, "WSA’s partnership with ECNL represents a step for our boys program that is earned and deserved by current players and a history of alumni who have paved the way to consistent excellence for 30 years." 

The WSA boys program has achieved a standard of success for 30 years that marks incredible and unprecedented history in Oklahoma soccer.  Since that time the club has had 24 age division programs out of a possible 26 graduate. This includes the '76 boys who spent a couple of their club years in WSA to the '79 and '80 boys who were the first to play entire youth careers at WSA, all the way through to the most recently graduated 2004 Boys.  The club currently has approximatley 1,500 boys players registered and members of the program.  

McLaurin added, "The programming we aspire towards will be enhanced by the competition offered through the ECNL-RL platform and the complete network of support and resources that the ECNL program provides to clubs.  This is a major and transformative moment for boys soccer in the Tulsa community.” 

Of those 25 age division programs who are now alumni status, 18 were Oklahoma State Finalist and 16 were nationally ranked top 50.  The WSA Boys program has collected 29 Oklahoma State Championships (not including President's Cup or D2 events), 2 regional championships, a regional semifinalist, and 2 National Championships.  And to further demonstrate the club's depth, the men's Side FC 92 semi-pro team took only it's first two years to win 3 Conference Championships, and reach the RD of 32 of the UPSL National Tournament, with a roster made of primarily homegrown WSA players.  

WSA will begin participation in the ECNL RL TX Conference this Fall.  Announcements regarding opportunities to join a WSA Boys ECNL-RL team, coaching assignments, schedule, and other details about the program will be available shortly.  This includes information regarding WSA's ongoing relationship with the Elite Academy (EA) and other National and Regional league platform opportunities for boys soccer players at WSA. Stay posted for more information and even other announcements to be posted soon.

The 10 clubs joining the ECNL-RL league are below:

Azzurri Storm SC (ECNL Regional League - Florida)
● Location: Naples, FL
● Established: 1993
● Promoted to ECNL Regional League from Florida Club League

BRYC Elite Academy (ECNL Regional League - Virginia)
● Location: Fairfax, VA
● Established: 1966
● Schools Featuring Alumni: Virginia, VCU, Virginia Tech, George Mason, Navy
FC Richmond (ECNL Regional League - Virginia)
● Location: Richmond, VA
● Established: 1985
● More than 2,500 athletes

Highland FC (ECNL Regional League - Carolinas)
● Location: Asheville, NC
● Facilities: John B. Lewis Soccer Complex
● Competitive Division of the Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association

McLean YSA (ECNL Regional League - Virginia)
● Location: McLean VA
● Established: 1990
● More than 100 alumni playing collegiate soccer

Rebels SC (ECNL Regional League - SoCal)
● Location: Chula Vista, CA
● More than 30 elite coaches for the club’s athletes

Three Rivers (ECNL Regional League - Northwest)
● Location: Pasco, WA
● Oldest and largest club in Southeast Washington
● More than 130 alumni playing collegiate soccer

VA Rush (ECNL Regional League - Virginia)
● Location: Virginia Beach, VA
● One of the founding Rush clubs
● Home to more than 3,500 athletes in the soccer-rich Virginia Beach market

Virginia Valor (ECNL Regional League - Virginia)
● Location: Chantilly, VA
● A partnership between Southwestern Youth Association and Chantilly Youth Association
with more than 22,000 players

West Side Alliance (ECNL Regional League - Texas)

● Location: Tulsa, OK
● Established: 1992
● A staff of more than 150 coaches


About the ECNL:
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See this quick glimpse of some history of WSA Boys Soccer and several notable current WSA coaches, in their former WSA playing days.  These WSA Alums, who now coach for The Side, left behind some video footage of the efforts of laying a foundation for the premier boys soccer program at The Side. 

Stars of this Video Who Currently Coach for WSA:  Ryan Bush, Kevin King, Pedro Colina, Yer Yang, Michael Daniel, Barry Roberts, Josh "Mac" McElroy, Todd Pemberton, Rafael Rivera.